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People Doing Cool Stuff With Critical Intel

Every few weeks I run a Google search to see what people have been saying about Critical Intel.  Well, I do usually, but I’ve fallen off a bit in the past few months while I’ve been getting married and moving to another country.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I ran my usual search and found not one, but three great pieces that use CritIntel or Borders Bigotry as a launching point to discuss topics in-depth.

First of all, Wisconsin-based cartographer/graphic designer Martin Elmer made this fascinating infographic inspired by my panel Beyond Borders: Global Game Controversies.  I wish we were doing that panel again, since I would’ve loved to have had this for a visual aid.

Next, back in May the guys at EXP Podcast did an episode called Conjuring Videogame Magic that took my column I Hate Magic as a starting point to explore magic in games, and how we could come up with something more interesting than magic missiles.  They hit on some really interesting points and I enjoyed the discussion – it certainly got my attention and I’ll be listening in the future.

Last but not least, The Oracle Turret has an absolutely fantastic post called Merchants, Whores and Swineherds, that talks about racism in Dishonored, an issue I broached in Corvo is Not An Honorable Man.  I’m so happy to see this, since the I wanted to write more about Dunwall’s racist undertones but didn’t want to go off on a tangent in an already long column.  I’m glad molotovcockroach took up the banner, and I’m especially glad that the piece introduced me to his writing.  Go, click the link, read.  If this guy nice lady isn’t getting paid, she should be.

Seeing all this work inspired by or referencing Critical Intel really inspires me.  The point of the column has always been to foster discussion about how videogames can enrich our understanding of the real world, and vice-versa, and it makes me so happy to see it fulfilling that role.