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De-Pixelated’s Inaugural Episode: Operation Raccoon City

Sound the sirens!  Throw the ticker-tape!  Find an unemployed blueblood to smash a champagne bottle against the keel!

This morning, a new show called De-Pixelated launched on GameTrailers.com.   De-Pixelated was created by my friends at Blue Goggles Films, a scrappy Austin production company that focuses on videogame-related content.  I’ve worked with them as a script consultant on shorts and served on the writing team for their upcoming webseries BIT Parts.

Recently, Blue Goggles caused a bit of a splash when their short films Skyrim Intervention and Twisted Metal: Be Mine logged over 600,000 combined views on YouTube.  On the strength of those successes, they pitched GameTrailers on the idea of featuring their short films once a month under a single brand.  GameTrailers said “Hell yes,” and De-Pixelated was born.

Enjoy Blue Goggles’s take on Operation Raccoon City, and keep on the lookout for more content coming this way.