About Robert Rath

I’m Robert Rath, novelist, freelance journalist, and all around pen-for-hire.  Mostly, I’m known for writing the weekly column Critical Intel which has run at Escapist, Zam.com and Waypoint.

Fifteen years of writing and research experience has put me in a lot of places.  At various times, I’ve been the following things:

  • Novelist
  • Videogame journalist
  • Due diligence investigator
  • Youth theatre playwright
  • Research and Writing Manager for a law firm
  • Update editor for a major legal treatise, and
  • A researcher on archaeological digs

From drafting intelligence memos, to scouring the archives of London, to hiking the Amazon, to searching for buried Confederate cannons in New Mexico, I’ll go anywhere and do anything to get the story.

If you need someone who can add some fire to your lackluster copy, or chase down facts and present them in a way that doesn’t bore your audience, I’m your man.

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