Critical Intel NOW AT ZAM.COM!

Hi folks, and welcome to the tardiest and least-surprising announcement post ever written!

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know that my games, politics, and history column Critical Intel is now running at the excellent website ZAM. I’ve been meaning to write an announcement post about it since — well, since it started running again back in February — but the pressure to produce columns, manage novel rewrites, and manage other life things meant the blog got back-burnered. No longer, though!

The good news is that since I’m announcing this four months after the column relaunched, I can list my favorite columns out of the nearly two-dozen I’ve published so far.

Check it out:

The Ballistic Politics of Hideo Kojima — Kojima’s games, known for being politically bizarre, make a lot more sense in the context of Japan’s postwar peace and non-proliferation movements.

A Historical Defense of Battlefield 1 — Think a WWI first-persion shooter is in bad taste? On the contrary, it could spread awareness about a neglected historical period.

The Division is a Terrible Tom Clancy GameThe Division is a very good shooter, but its background neglects the nuance Clancy brought to politics. Worse, it perpetuates dangerous — and debunked — myths about what happens during a disaster.

Birth of the Flight Simulator: Part I – Genius and Scandal / Part II – Link Goes to War — The first flight simulator was built in the basement of a New York organ factory. Its adoption by the US military is a story of love, scandal, patriotism, war profiteering, and violent air crashes.

Thanks for your patience, and keep reading! I’ll have more CritIntel updates here on a regular basis — there’s good things to come.

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