SHOOTER Release and Update Roundup

There are times when the writing life gets busy, and the last six months have been one of those times. Since I last posted:

  • I’ve been in five countries.
  • My workload completely changed.
  • The gates of sunken cities opened, unleashing horrifying possibilities heretofore unimagined by this world.
  • …um, by which I mean I got some exciting opportunities. Lovecraftian opportunities. More on that in a second.

So here’s a roundup of what’s new, what’s old, and what’s been keeping me up at night, giddy with the prospect of unleashing it on readers.

SHOOTER Releases June 2nd

Shooter Cover

SHOOTER is an ebook of critical essays about FPS and action games. Various ink-in-the-blood game journos contributed essays covering a single game each, ranging from the Modern Warfare series to Kane and Lynch 2. It’s not a history of the genre, but a window into specific experiences shooting mechanics deliver. I was already excited for the release, then I got a PDF proof copy and now I’m chomping at the bit to show this thing off. It has guns, blood splatter graphics, striking illustrations (that I can’t show you yet) and other face-melting sweetness. There’s a forward by legendary Ubisoft developer Clint Hocking. Chapters on propaganda in Haze and the image of Germans in Brothers in Arms. Hell, the first chapter’s a meditation on Battle Garegga.

Oh, and also a chapter by me. Did I forget to mention that? I’m writing about the unique vision of firearms in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, a game that made the player fear his own weapon. It’s an FPS where suicide felt like a real threat.

What’s in my chapter? Shotguns! Cultist mobs! Eldritch horrors! Insanity!

Buy it on June 2nd–please? I get royalties.

Entering Final Edits on LOST GUNS

This summer I’ll be attending the Historical Novel Society Conference to pitch LOST GUNS, my debut historical thriller novel. After this latest draft, I feel quite proud of the old boy and glad I decided to play rough with it.

Sometimes you have to break the bones to heal them straight–true in surgery, true in editing. You’ll hear more about LOST GUNS soon, so I’ll leave it at that for now, but know that wheels are in motion.

Speaking at PAX East and on The Freelance Game Podcast

In March I traveled to the snow-blasted wasteland of Boston for PAX East, where I moderated panels on history in games and geek travel. (YouTube videos incoming once I have a spare moment to edit them.) I also appeared on The Freelance Game podcast to talk about column writing. All of that? Tons of fun.

Leaving The Escapist and New Game Journo Horizons

For a variety of reasons I decided to voluntarily leave my columnist position at The Escapist. It was a difficult choice but one that I don’t regret. After nearly three years writing Critical Intel for the magazine and the climate having changed significantly since I began contributing there five years ago, it felt like the time to pull up stakes. I’ll always be grateful to the editorial freedom The Escapist gave me, and my time there gave me the space and guidance to grow as a writer. I wasn’t sorry to go, but I did find it sad.

But I haven’t stopped working in game journalism–not by a long shot. While I can’t announce anything yet, I’ve been brewing up new projects behind the scenes that will come to fruition soon. One of those projects involves Critical Intel anthology ebooks, and another could land me some work with people I’ve admired for years.

Have You Made Word Count Today?

Have you made your word count today? See below for answer:

A) Yes, I was good and made word count. — Good on you, writer! Take a rest. A whisky-assisted rest.

B) No… er, I mean not yet. I was just about to maybe… — Shush. Go make word count. Actually, need to make word count, now that you mention it. Let’s go make word count together, shall we? We can be a word-counting team.

Get thee to a word processor!

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