Welcome to the Pitch Jam

Hey there, guess what?  I’ve got a rare opportunity for you.  No, it’s not discount snake oil –  those bottles are in my attic pending FDA approval – it’s a way to help you improve your pitching skills.

So you’ve tried to get into game journalism for awhile.  You’ve read a few blogs, pitched some stories, racked up a few polite rejections and a handful of clippings – the usual.  What if I told you that as soon as next weekend you could get substantive feedback on not one, but two pitches, along with a series of blog posts and Google Hangouts focused toward polishing your skills?

Welcome to the Pitch Jam, brought to you by the fine folks at Good Games Writing.  You can find all the nitty gritty details here, but here’s the main rub:

  1. Follow @GoodWritingVG and the hashtag #PitchJam on Twitter for updates.  (Or if you’re allergic to Twitter, keep checking GoodGamesWriting.com)
  2. Read blog posts about improving your pitch skills written by established editors and game journalists.
  3. Watch the judging panel and expert guests discuss pitching and ask them questions during a forthcoming Google Hangout.
  4. Submit up to two polished pitches between September 20th — 22nd (submission details forthcoming).
  5. Get substantive, tailored feedback from the expert panel.

That’s it!  Get advice, submit pitches and get feedback, all from the comfort of your own home.

Who’s on the expert panel, you may ask?  Well I am, for one.  So is Brian Shea of Videogamewriters.com, Susan Arendt of Joystiq, Andrew Groen of Penny Arcade Report and Richard Moss, content editor for Archive.vg.  In other words, people who can give you good advice and who directly benefit from seeing better pitches.  GGW will announce more panelists soon, too.

But we need one thing to make the Pitch Jam a success – your pitches!  So follow the event on Twitter, ask questions, and send us your best article pitch you can write.

If you do all that, who knows?  You may have a viable, editor-ready pitch before the end of the month.

Watch this space for further updates and “how to” blog posts.  Got questions or need advice about pitching?  Feel free to ask me in the comment section or on Twitter @RobWritesPulp.

Good luck, PitchJammers.

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