6 Reasons You Should Back Bit Parts on Kickstarter

The Binary Investigation Team, or BIT are responsible for keeping order in the world of videogames.  Woman floating in midair?  Invisible wall?  Glitch causing human/animal hybrid abominations?  Agents One and Zero insert in to patch it, eliminate any glitches, and restore normality.  Except something weird is happening–Agent Zero is hell-bent on investigating cases that don’t line up with normal glitch activity.  It’s almost like some higher power is messing with the virtual plain, something from… outside.

BIT Parts is like X-files for videogames, where the players are the aliens.  I’m on the writing team.  We have nine days to meet our $30,000 goal, and could really use your help.

Here are 6 reasons to back BIT Parts:

1)  We Pay Our Actors and Crew

We’re creative and passionate people at Blue Goggles Films, but we also believe that professional actors, crew, and designers shouldn’t work for free.  Things are tough enough for artistic types as it is, and though a lot of us have given time (and money–quite a bit actually) to produce the first six episodes we can’t keep that up without funding.  If you’ve ever been an artist, you know how hard it is to get paid for your work–in fact, you’ve probably been outright exploited for free work once or twice.  We hate that.  Change starts from the bottom, and our part of that change is giving creatives a paycheck.

2) We’re About More Than Jokes

BIT Parts is funny.  We bring the jokes.  But we also bring a story arch that will carry us through 24 episodes of Season 1, and even onto Season 2.  We want to tell a story with characters that develop over time rather than just going for easy gags.  Here’s a little industry secret we’ll let you in on: Some sites declined to host our videos because at four minutes, they were “too long,” and didn’t contain a punchline in the first 30 seconds.  We believe our audience has an attention span that lasts more than 30 seconds.

3) Ass-Kicking Action

Part of our mission to retain and develop top-tier talent is to get professional stuntmen and fight choreographers.  If you want to see what a difference this makes, see Blue Goggles’ Assassin’s Creed video below:


4) Shannon McCormick

That’s right, Agent Washington himself, of Red vs. Blue fame.  Shannon’s a classically trained actor and gets to stride around being sinister as Agent Debug.  (He, er… debugs things.)

5) It’s a Proven Team

Blue Goggles has been making videogame-themed shorts for years, including the insanely popular Skyrim Intervention and Twisted Metal: Be Mine.  This year they also partnered up with GameTrailers.com to produce a videogame short film every month–that’s twelve shorts in a single year.  If you know anything about shooting film on a budget, that’s seriously crazy.

6) Because This is What BIT Parts Looks Like Without Funding


On the upside, this is what it looks like with funding:


Please consider donating to our Kickstarter.  We have 9 days to go.

2 responses to “6 Reasons You Should Back Bit Parts on Kickstarter

  • Tyler Murphy

    I by chance caught this perusing the ‘games’ tag here on WordPress. I was sold almost immediately! Really funny stuff and such a brilliant conceit. I am absolutely surprised that no one has linked me to any of the videos already posted.

    I’ll be a back later today, and I’ll try to get the word out on my own blog as well. It won’t be much, but every little bit counts!

  • Now Backing: BIT Parts « Game Delver

    […] This particular post came from the blog RobWritesPulp, and it was a plea for his fellow man to back a Kickstarter project called ‘BIT Parts’. […]

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